Evolve. Hurry.

About the Darwin Group: The consumer is calling the shots and they are out there talking about you.  We monitor the consumer discussion that is being carried out on-line, integrating world-class online search technology with insight and analysis to help you to deliver fully integrated, evolved marketing programs.

Rarely do they talk in a vacuum. Often they are either directly or indirectly expressing their opinions of a brand, product or idea in response to a stimulus.

Marketing Campaigns: Often this stimulus is the result of a marketing campaign intended to elicit a response.  By monitoring online buzz, Darwin can assess whether campaigns are working, resonating and engaging consumers.

Innovation, Test Markets and Clinicals: Not surprisingly, the same psychology that prompts consumers to be first adaptors and participants in driving new technology prompts them to share their experiences on the web. Darwin can monitor this interchange in real-time and alert marketers to issues, unrealized benefits and potential outcomes.

Why 'Darwin'?
The world is changing faster than any time in history. The consumer is driving these changes. Those companies that recognize this phenomenon and adapt will survive. Those that adapt most quickly will thrive. That's what we are all about.

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